The Voice Battle Rounds: Jeremy Gaynor vs Rob Taylor “Animals”

Jeremy Gaynor and Rob Taylor from Team Christina battled it out with “Animals” by Maroon 5 on The Voice Season 8 Battle Rounds, Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

“Definitely see a soldier with you Jeremy. Rob, you allowed yourself to be a soulful you are,” said Pharrell.

“Great job in singing that song. That song is pain, it’s every single stitch of my range,” said Adam. “It’s was very intense. You did a very great job,” said Blake.

“Jeremy you have a solid presence and solid accuracy about you, Rob you go to unexpected places and have the ability to go on a higher ranger that is so strong,” said Christina.

Rob Taylor wins the battle, nos teal for Jeremy Gaynor. Watch their performance on the video below!