Chinese New Year 2015, Year of the Sheep Predictions

year 2015 green colorChinese New Year will be celebrated on Thursday, February 19, 2014!

As Chinese bids farewell to the Year of the Horse, people look forward to what “Year of the Sheep” may bring to their career, fortune and love life.

If you have a strong belief with Chinese predictions, luck and sayings… you better check what the Year of the Sheep has for you.

The Snake

As you make your way through the terrain, watch for those who help or hinder your progress.

The Rat

Your industrious nature has allowed you to accumulate more than you need, thus a shifting of goals may not be in order.

The Ox

An open and honest nature generally serves you well, but there are times when you should consider your words before you speak.

The Tiger

As the year unfolds, you could find yourself growing restless. Planning a short adventure could quell this feeling for a bit.

The Rabbit

There are those who want to stand out from a crowd, but for the time being, you are content to do well within the comfort of its ranks.

The Dragon

Though you are confident in your position, there is no harm in admitting that another approach would have yielded the same result.

The Horse

There is a serious note to what you are doing now that is different from before. The choices you make now will be lasting ones.

The Goat

Strong and steady is your motto. The respect you have earned with your style will garner many admirers and followers.

The Monkey

Ever search for something only to find that it was in front of you all along? Slow down to get a good look at what is around you.

The Rooster

Even though your options might be somewhat questionable at the beginning of the year, your prospects will improve as you go.

The Dog

You are your own biggest critic, but you have the power to turn that around. Become your own cheerleader instead.

The Pig

Traveling is a high priority for you and this year is no different. Try going somewhere you have not been to before.

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