Bacolod Airport Tripping Accident, ₱5M Demand Earned Backlash from Netizens

The 5M demand and reckless imprudence lawsuit filed by a senior citizen to the man who is involve in the Bacolod airport tripping accident earned backlash from Netizens.

According to a report, the family of the 64-year-old female has filed a case against the owner of the bags that caused her to trip in the departure area of Bacolod airport last year.

Holfilena family is accusing the man for reckless imprudence resulting in serious physical injuries and demanding him to pay five million pesos for the damages.

However, netizens react to the demand of the complainant saying that 5M is “too much” and the Holfileñas are “taking advantage” of the man.

In a Facebook post of GMA NEWS about the case, netizens slams the complainant and here’s what they have to say:

Panay News earlier reported that the man in the footage already issued an apology to the family and wanted to settle the case privately.

“Our apologies to the Holfileñas,” Atty. Rayfrando Diaz says on behalf of his client.

“The situation was purely coincidental and it happened in a place where bags are usually placed and people are in a rush.”

The report also added that Mrs. Holfileña was sent to a hospital after sustaining “serious injuries” and they are asking P3 million for medical expenses, P5 million for moral damages and P500,000 for exemplary damages and attorney’s fees.

Bacolod airport tripping accident went viral online after Charlotte Holfileña asked the help of netizens on Facebook to identify the man on the CCTV footage.

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