Super Bowl Commercials 2015: GoDaddy Criticized Over Puppy Ad

Website and Domain hosting company ‘GoDaddy’ angers puppy lovers after releasing a not-so-pleasant ad for the Super Bowl 2015.

In the controversial ads, GoDaddy recreates the Budweiser ad called “Lost Dog,” where a puppy lost and find his way home. Touching indeed!

However, the twist GoDaddy added at the end of the commercial angers netizens and draws reaction from dog lovers.

“It was revealed that the puppy was going to be sold online from a website created with GoDaddy.”

People urged the company to pull out the commercial, which they thought a form of dog abuse.

Watch the 2015 GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial on the video below!

According to reports, GoDaddy pulled out the commercial after outrage from animal rescue groups.