Polish Travel Blogger says Boracay is ‘The Worst Island’

Boracay Island, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines, earned negative review from a Polish travel blogger, calling it “The Worst Island” she ever visited.

According to Anna Lysakowska, a travel blogger born in Poland, “Boracay is probably the worst island she ever visited.”

“Boracay turned out to be no more than a tourist trap and probably one of the worst places I’ve ever been to in South-East Asia,” she wrote on her blog.

Some of her notes in the review are as follows:

Lack of Filipino culture: There was nothing Filipino in Boracay, everything was designed for tourists in the cheesiest and most horrible way possible.

Annoying local vendors everywhere: The moment you step out of the hotel in Boracay, you’re practically under attack. Annoying vendors are everywhere: the streets, the shops, and sadly, even the beach.

The beautiful beach is being destroyed: The worst thing about Boracay was actually the beach. Not only because I was being bothered by annoying vendors, but because the beautiful island of Boracay is constantly being destroyed by consumerism.

At the end of the article, Anna Lysakowska advised tourists to think twice before visiting Boracay and recommends “going to another Filipino island instead.” Read her full review on this link.

Anna has travelled and visited 62 different countries in 10 years. She wrote at her self-owned website Anna Everywhere, a travel blog about travel stories, expat living, studying abroad, destination guides and relocating tips.

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