Mystica Defends Pope Francis, Accepts Marlene Aguilar’s Sparring Challenge

Mystica has accepted the square-off challenge posted by Marlene Aguilar on her Facebook account!

While Marlene Aguilar continue to spew unbearable words against Pope Francis and his Catholic followers, singer Mystica has come to stand against Aguilar and dare her for a one-on-one sparring.

“Marlene Aguilar, the sister of Freddie Aguilar who has been attacking Catholics and Pope Francis with her libelous speech, is daring everyone to have a sparring with her, and she is very sure that she can knock down 1,000 people including Pope Francis. Well, in that case, I am on, I am daring her for a one-on-one sparring with me,” the singer posted on Facebook.

“What Marlene Aguilar has been doing is a disgrace with her personal attack and character assassination to Pope Francis and the entire Catholic religion. That means she is a murderer in a moral and spiritual sense. She’s gone too far. And it’s in the Bible that you should kill a murderer! Someone who lives with a sword will die with a sword,” Mystica added.

On Friday, Marlene Aguilar started to bash Pope Francis in a series of posts on Facebook. Below are some of her foul words against the Santo Papa and Catholic people.

What can you say about this heated issue? Excited for Mystica vs Marlene Aguilar bout? Who do you think will win?

Write your opinion on the comment section below!

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