The Voice Results Top 12 Elimination, Top 10 Revealed Tonight

Who’s eliminated on The Voice Season 7? No results yet but the eliminated singer will be revealed tonight, Tuesday, November 18, 2014.

On Monday, the Top 12 singers including Reagan James, Craig Wayne Boyd, Jessie Pitts, Luke Wade, DaNica Shirey, Sugar Joans, Taylor John Williams, Anita Antoinette, Ryan Sill, Damien, Matt McAndrews and Chris Jamison performed live at the Universal Studios for the votes of America.

Tonight, two contestants are in danger of leaving the competition, the result of the public votes will be revealed at the end of the elimination show tonight.

Quick Recap: Top 12 Live Shows

Sugar Joans performed ‘Take Me To the River’. There’s edginess to your voice, there is something on your tone that keeps me to edge of my seat. It’s always exciting to hear you,” said Blake.

Ryan Sill sings ‘Ordinary World’. “That was an amazing song choice for you. You are such an amazing singer. That voice is so perfectly beautiful and soulful. You just killed it,” said Adam.

Jessie Pitts sings ‘Don’t You Worry Child’. “Keep exploring the big part pf your voice. I it will rise you on a standard of your own,” said Adam.

Damien sings ‘He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother’. “That performance and that last run is so amazing,” said coach Pharrell.

DaNica Shirey performed her version of ‘Creep’. “You are a freak of nature. You are shocking and incredible,” said Gwen.

Taylor John Williams performed his rendition of ‘If’ by Bread. It was delicate and different but you have such a beautiful voice. The purity of your voice really comes out tonight,” said Adam.

Reagan James sings ‘It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over’. “The way you navigate the melodies blows my mind. You just showed everybody that you don’t just copy anything,” said coach Blake.

Luke Wade sings ‘Thinking Out Loud’ “You just rose the occasion and America got to see how amazing you are,” said Pharrell.

Matt McAndrew performed ‘Take Me To Church’. This man got it all, you lay on the floor every single stitch of energy, power and emotion you have,” said coach Adam.

Craig Wayne Boyd sings ‘You Look So Good In Love’. “Every time you get up on the stage, you show a different side of who you are and take it to a different level and that’s a mark of a star,” said Blake.

Chris Jamison sings ‘Jealous’. “The way you handle the falsetto, it was effortless,” said Pharrell. “It just showed the strength of your voice, the low tone, the high tone and the style of it, it was perfect for you,” said Gwen.

Anita Antoinette performed her version of ‘Redemption Song’. “That was incredible. It was authentic, it was beautiful, and it was original. You did an incredible job tonight,” said coach Gwen.

Who will be sent home and who will move to the next round of the competition? Write your prediction on the comment section!

We will be doing live recap on this page; elimination results will be posted below once announced!

The Voice iTunes Chart:
No. 6 – Matt McAndrew “Take Me To Church”
No. 11 – Craig Wayne Boyd “You Look So Good in Love”
No. 13 – Damien “It Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother”
No. 31 – Chris Jamison “Jealous”
No. 35 – Taylor John Williams “If”
No. 37 – Luke Wade “Thinking Out Loud”
No. 45 – Anita Antoinette “Redemption Song”
No. 65 – DaNica Shirey “Creep”
No. 93 – Jessie Pitts “Don’t You Worry Child”
No. 116 – Reagan James “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over”
No. 125 – Ryan Sill “Ordinary World”
Sugar Joans’ “Take Me to the River” song did not chart.

Show begins now!

  • Team Gwen performed “The Tide is High”
  • Breaking News: There will be WILDCARD finalist chosen from the eliminated Top 12 artists.
  • America saved Matt McAndrew!
  • America saved Anita Antoinette!
  • DaNica Shirey is in the Top 10!
  • America saved Craig Wayne Boyd!
  • Ella Henderson performed “Ghost”
  • America saved Damien!
  • America saved Reagan James!
  • Team Blake performed ‘Sad Songs’
  • America saved Taylor John Williams!
  • Chris Jamison is in the Top 10!
  • Luke Wade is in the Top 10!
  • Ryan Sill, Sugar Joans and Jessie Pitts are the Bottom 3!

Final Results

Top 10
1. Matt McAndrew
2. Anita Antoinette
3. DaNica Shirey
4. Craig Wayne Boyd
5. Damien
6. Reagan James
7. Taylor John Williams
8. Chris Jamison
9. Luke Wade
10. Ryan Sill

Bottom 3:
1. Jessie Pitts
2. Sugar Joans
3. Ryan Sill

InstaSave song: Jessie Pitts sings her version of ‘Gravity’ by Sara Bareilles, Sugar Joans sings “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” while Ryan Sill sings his rendition of ‘More Than Words” by Extreme.

America Instantly Saved… Ryan Sill!

1. Jessie Pitts
2 Sugar Joans

That’s all for tonight! Join us again next week!

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