The Voice Results Top 10 Elimination, Top 8 Revealed Tonight

Who’s eliminated on The Voice Season 7 tonight? No results yet but the eliminated singer will be revealed at the end of the results show on Tuesday, November 18, 2014.

the voice season 7

Last night, the Top 10 singers including Reagan James, Craig Wayne Boyd, Luke Wade, DaNica Shirey, Taylor John Williams, Anita Antoinette, Ryan Sill, Damien, Matt McAndrews and Chris Jamison performed live at the Universal Studios for the votes of America.

Tonight, another two contestants will leave the competition as the results of the public votes revealed.

Quick Recap: Top 10 Live Shows

Matt McAndrews from Team Adam performed Fix You by Coldplay. “You have the drama, you have the range, you have the stage presence, you have everything,” said Blake.

Anita Antoinette from Team Gwen sings Let Her Go by Passenger. “It’s so incredible to watch you up there. You really took over that song. I feel like you killed it,” said Gwen.

Damien from Team Adam does You and I by Stevie Wonder. “I felt the entire audience here get on board with you in this performance,” said Adam.

Reagan James from Team Blake sings Fancy by Iggy. “It takes so much commitment to get to the end of that song. It’s a lot to take on, you are doing everything on that song,” said coach Adam.

Craig Wayne Boyd of Team Blake performed I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash. “What happens there was magic, it was magic,” said coach Blake.

Luke Wade from Team Pharrell sings Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding. “You actually exceeded my expectation, job well done,” said coach Pharrell.

Ryan Sill from Team Gwen performed Starlight by Muse. “You are blossoming into this artist before our eyes, you are progressing every single week,” said coach Gwen.

DaNica Shirey of  Team Pharrell belts out I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. “This song isn’t a song that you should gave to anybody unless you do what you did up there today,” said Adam.

Chris Jamison of Team Adam sing Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. “It’s very natural for you to work on the whole stage and you have such a really good rhythm,” said Gwen.

Taylor John Williams from Team Gwen sings Come Together by The Beatles. “That was like one of the most craziest performance we have seen on the show,” said Pharrell.

Who do you think will go home and who do you think will move to the next round tonight? Write your predictions on the comment section!

We will be doing live recap on this page; results and video performances will be added below once uploaded online! 

Show begins now!

  • Waho! Taylor is i the house… she will perform Blank Space!
  • Team Adam performs
  • Craig Wayne Boyd is in the Top 8!
  • Matt McAndrews is Safe!
  • America saved Luke Wade!
  • America saved Taylor John Williams!
  • Team Pharrell sings “What a Wonderful World”
  • America saved DaNica Shirey!
  • Chris Jamison makes it to Top 8!
  • Taylor Swift performs Blank Space
  • America saved Damien!

Safe Tonight:

  1. Craig Wayne Boyd
  2. Matt McAndrews
  3. Luke Wade
  4. Taylor John Williams
  5. DaNica Shirey
  6. Chris Jamison
  7. Damien
  8. Ryan Sill

Bottom Three:

  1. Reagan James
  2. Ryan Sill
  3. Anita Antoinette

Insta Save Sing-Off:

Reagan James performed ‘I’m Like a Bird.’ Anita Antoinette performed ‘The Remedy’ by Jason Marz. Ryan Sill performed his version of ‘Collide.’

  • Instant Save starts now!
  • Instant save window is now closed!
  • America Instantly Saved Ryan Sill!


  1. Reagan James
  2. Anita Antoinette

That’s all for tonight! Join us again next week!

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