DaNica Shirey sings ‘I Have Nothing’ on The Voice Season 7 Top 10 Live Shows

DaNica Shirey belts out her version of ‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston on The Voice Season 7 Top 10 performance Live Shows, Monday, November 24, 2014.

According to Clive Davis, DaNica captired the emotion of the song and the vulnerability. Here’s what the judges have to say about her performance tonight.

“It’s so fun to watch you. I want you to mess up but you don’t. You just keep getting better,” said Gwen.

“Whitney Houston is legend, irreplaceable and incredible. This song isn’t a song that you should gave to anybody unless you do what you did up there today,” said Adam.

“This is the best live show I have ever seen. I cant believe it, the fact that you decided to do that song. That is a big job and you killed it,” said Blake.

“My mind was blown in the very begging when we talk, there’s a little hesitation. Every week you just continue to ascend, and I’m so happy for you,” said coach Pharrell.

Watch her performance on the video below!

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