The X Factor Australia Top 5 ‘Killer Tracks and Curve Balls’ Live Recap and Videos

The X Factor Australia returns with ‘Killer Tracks and Curve Balls’ Top 5 themed show tonight, Sunday, October 5, 2014.

The five finalists of X Factor including Brothers 3, Reigan Derry, Dean Ray, Caitlyn Shadbolt and Marlisa Punzalan will perform two songs each — one huge hit, and another from left field.

Check out the song list for the Live Shows tonight on this link.

The show will air tonight at 6:30pm. Live Decider will be on the following day, Monday at 7:30pm. Nico & Vinz and Taylor Henderson are the special guests this week.

Join us! We will have live recap tonight! Videos will be posted on this website during and after the show!