Brothers 3 sings ‘Que Sera’ The X Factor Australia 2014

Brothers 3 performed ‘Que Sera’ by Justice Crew Keys on The X Factor Australia Top 5 Killer Tracks and Curve Balls Live Shows, Sunday, October 5, 2014.

Here’s what the judges have to say about their performance tonight.

“Two words… Yeah Baby” said Redfoo. “That is what I wanted to hear on your album. It was nice and it was upbeat. That’s what I like to hear,” he adds.

“I’m smiling and happy. Loved it! I thin that was on top of iTunes tomorrow,” said Ronan.

“You did Brotehrs3ed that song. It’s really lovely, well done” said Nat. “You guys just did the best curve ball,” said Dannii.

Watch their performance on the video below!

What can you say about Brothers 3’s performance tonight? Do you agree with the judges? Write comments below!


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