Taylor Phelan sings ‘Sweater Weather’ on The Voice 2014 Blind Auditions

Taylor Phelan  performed his version of ‘Sweater Weather’ on The Voice Season 7 Blind Auditions, September 23, 2014.

All four judges turned for Taylor. Here’s what they have to say about his audition tonight.

Pharrell: The guitar is like a part of your body. You’re like so melodically articulated, you belong on my team!

Adam: That is one of the best quality that a performer could possibly  have. You are different and really knows about music.

Gwen: I thought I was in the festival, it felt so natural. It would be really fun to work together with you.

Blake: I’ve never seen an artist this so completely locked in. You are the Voice! You are a great singer! You are like Ryan Tedder.

Watch his performance on the video below!

Taylor picked Team… What can you say about his audition? Write comments below!