Monica Michael sings ‘Pretty Little Sister’ on The X Factor UK 2014

Monica Michael performed her original composition called ‘Pretty Little Sister’ Saturday’s episode of the The X Factor UK 2014.

Monica loves her little sister Natalie so much she wrote a song about her and performed it to the Judges. Here’s what they have to say about her performance.

Simon: You are why we make shows like this, to find people like you, to give them a break and hope to get better. I think we scratched the surface with you.

Mel B: You killed it. Your tone and versatility is just on point. Your pitch perfect, you’ve got a swag and your voice is very controlled.

Louis: Honestly, I love everything about your singing, your song and your passion. I think you deserved a fantastic break.

Cheryl: It really touched me, I completely relate to that song. That song tells me that you are super talented. You are fantastic.

Monica Michael received four yeses and she’s moving to the next round of the competition. Watch her performance on the video below!


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