Joe Kirk sings ‘Lego House’ on The Voice 2014 Blind Auditions

Joe Kirk performed his version of ‘Lego House’ by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran on The Voice Season 7 Blind Auditions, September 23, 2014.

All four judges turned for Joe. Here’s what they have to say about his audition.

Pharrell: He is the national whisperer. I called this voice Jeddai.

Adam: I like your whole vibe. Yu were like a little brother to me. It was like your having the time of your life. To be that confident by that age, I’m blown away by you.

Gwen: You are really amazing. I love the tone of your voice and you have a crazy rhythm.

Watch his performance on the video below!

Joe Kirk picked Team Adam. What can you say about his audition? Write comments below!