Emily West sings ‘Chandelier’ on America’s Got Talent Finals Night

Emily West performed her rendition of ‘Chandelier’ on America’s Got Talent Finals night, Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

Emily West gave a standing ovation number tonight. Here’s what the judges thought about her performance.

Howard: What a moving performance. No one ever fast forward through you. You are a tremendous artist. You have a very unique ability and I loved it.

Heidi: I love that song. I had never heard it before but when you sing Chandelier, it stuck in my mind. It was really beautiful.

Mel B: I much preferred the first time you did it. I felt that you lost something and picked it up half way through and you know what I’m talking about. But still a killer singer and you nailed it!

Howard: This is a winning performance. Maybe it’s not as good as the last one, but still it’s a winning performance. You are beautiful and an amazing talent.

Watch her performance below!

What can you say about her number tonight? Sound off below! The top 6 finalists will perform two acts tonight. Stay tuned!


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