Blue Journey – Shadow Dancer – America’s Got Talent Semifinals Performance Video

Check out Blue Journey’s amazing shadow dance routine on America’s Got Talent Semifinals Week 2, Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

Judges comments:

Heidi: You were like a Dolly painting coming to life. It was beautiful and I love the Radiohead background music. One of my favorite act tonight!

Mel B: The amount of creativity that went in to that is just mind-boggling. It was so captivating. You are so unique!

Howard: Only act can win one million dollars. Visually stunning, very risky to do such a slow song. Will America vote for you? I’ve been amazed by you I hope you stay in the competition.

Howie: It is great, fantastic and amazing all in one. People have to vote for you!

Watch their performance on the vide below!

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