Steve Jobs Found Alive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

Is Steve Jobs still alive? A selfie photo of a Reddit user with Steve Jobs alive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is making rounds online!

Reddit user TheHorseSizeDuck posted a questionable selfie photo on the sharing site on Wednesday along with a caption “Steve Jobs is in Rio de Janeiro, alive.”

The selfie photo features the cameraman’s face with a famous personality behind him, which he identifies as Steve Jobs. The alleged Steve Jobs in the photo is sick and being wheeled by his caretaker,  he is also seen wearing his signature black top dress.

Reddit users couldn’t ignore the post and weigh-in their comments suggesting that the photo was fake, photoshopped and a product of image editing software. With Jobs’ sudden passing three years ago, many believed that man on the photo is Steve Jobs.

But judging the photo, the head might be the real Steve Jobs but the body is not. It seems that Steve’s head was cropped from another photo and placed to this selfie image.

Apple Inc. founder and CEO Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011.

Is this true? Does the conspiracy of Jobs faking his death is real? Write comments below?

Photo: TheHorseSizeDuck/imgur

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