Marlisa Punzalan sings ‘All By Myself’ on X Factor Australia Live Shows

Marlisa Punzalan wows judges with Celine Dion’s classic hit ‘All By Myself’ on The X Factor Australia Top 13 Live Shows, August 10, 2014.

Oh my… that was a great performance and she is just 14! She is one of the strongest competitor in the X Factor says Ronan.

According to judge Nat, “singing that song is ridiculous but Marlisa is awesome and amazing. She is a threat to the X Factor competition.”

However Dannii thought Ronan picks the wrong song for Marlisa. Redfoo defends saying, “he was surprised and his team is under pressure.”

Ronan said “Marlisa is unbelievable,” adding: “not a lot of people in the world can sing just like that.”

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