America’s Got Talent ‘Quarter Finals 4’ Recap August 19

Americas Got Talent 2014 returns with ‘Quarter Finals 4’ tonight, August 19, 2014!


Live at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, America’s Got talent will again present 12 quarterfinalists to perform for a spot in the Semi-Finals.

Hitting the stage tonight are One Voice Children’s Choir, cello duo Emil & Dariel, Extreme Dance Company, The Bad Boys of Ballet, Mothmen Dance, magician Smoothini, card-throwing Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat, contortionist Nina Burri, balancer Jonatan Riquelme and singers Kelli Glover, Quintavious Johnson and Jonah Smith.

The Recap

Bad Boys of Ballet takes the stage first. Here’s what the Judges have to say about their performance. Mel B said the energy, sophistication, grace and elegance blew the roof. Howie said the group is good but it should have been more bad to be good. Heidi said she love the performance. Howard said the group needs to do something so different, it was like an aerobics class, it wasn’t enough.

One Voice Children’s Choir sings Let It Go by Idina Menzel. Here’s what the Judges have to say about their performance. Howard said he was a fan but their performance tonight is not enough. Howie said the group made the song beautiful and spectacular. Heidi said she like the performance and it’s a good job. Mel B said they step it up a notch.

Jonah Smith sings “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. Here’s what the Judges though about his number tonigh. Heidi said she wanted Jonah to stay in AGT. Mel B loves the song, but wonders if Jonah is feeling the pressure. Howie says that not only is Jonah the best act of the night so far and he hopes to make it to the semi-finals. Howard said he is the real deal, he move people and evoked emotions.

Card throwing Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat is next. According to Heidi, the triplets are adorable but she noted the timing. It was a lot of fun to watch. Howie said the he loved the kid’s performance but they need to fill what’s missing on the act. Howard said the act is very hard but it could have staged better and he thought it was not a million dollar act.

Extreme Dance Company’s dance routine received mixed comments from the judges. Heidi said she loved the performance; they bring it to a whole new higher lever. Mel B said the choreography and outfit are really dated but it was a little step down for her. Howie said he sensed the passion and the feelings. Howard said the performance was not memorable, people will forget it after 5 minutes, “the choreography is not enough” he adds.

Cello duo Emil and Dariel wows the judges with their act tonight. Howie said the duo is always surprising. Howard said he is a huge fan, people will be talking about the guys and the performance was memorable. Heidi said AGT should open a new kind of category. Mel B said the performance was off the chain noting that they are exciting, edgy, current and fun.

Contortionist Nina Burri impresses the judges tonight. Howard said Nina is very inspirational. He noted the level of the act; the charisma and the beauty of her performance. He also said Nina did a stunning, captivating and mesmerizing number. Heidi said it was incredible but she thought it was not big enough for the room. Mel B said there is something about Nina, she moves like a spider. Howie said it’s not just talent, Nina is so sexy.

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