Ping Medina furious after Baron Geisler peed on him during taping

Actor Ping Medina vents his ager on a lengthy Facebook post after Baron Geisler peed on him during taping for ‘Bugbog’ film in Subic.


According to Ping Medina, Baron urinated at him, without his consent, in a scene where his hands and feet are tied while his mouth was covered with tape.

Medina said Baron notify him that he will do something before the shoot — which he though he would only spit on him.

Ping Medina added that he couldn’t help but punch the walls of a cargo container after the shoot. He also said he challenged Baron to a fight.

Below is Ping Medina’s post regarding the incident involving Baron Geisler.

Baron defended himself saying he asked permission three times to the director and his co-actor. Watch the video below.

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