Watch: Duterte gets ‘very good’ rating after 100 days in the office

President Rodrigo Duterte received a ‘very good’ rating for his first 100 days in the higher office.


According to SWS, President Duterte gets a positive 64% net satisfaction rating on his first three months of leadership.

76% of the respondents are satisfied with Duterte’s performance while 11% are dissatisfied.

The pollster said that these ratings are equivalent to a ‘very good’ performance.

Meanwhile, Duterte said if he would grade himself, 65% is enough for him. Duterte explained that even in school, he tries to avoid failed grades, he’s always in the passing mark.

Are you satisfied with President Duterte’s performance in his first 100 days? If you would grade the President, what would it be? Please share your ratings in the comment section below.

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