Watch: President Duterte visits the wake of Fallen Soldiers, delivers emotional speech

President Rodirgo Duterte visit the wake of 15 fallen soldier who died in the intensified operations against the Abu Sayyaf Group on Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

President Duterte visit wake of Fallen Soldiers delivers emotional speech

Moved and hurt by the situation, President Duterte appeal to the bandit group to avoid damaging the bodies of the soldiers after they fall in the clashes.

“Eery time when I see something like this, I was really hurt,” Duterte said during his speech.

“I’m sorry this has to happen. I do not want it to happen again. I appeal to the group, please refrain and do not add grief to the family by destroying the body,” he said.

Duterte told the families of the fallen soldiers that they were automatically part of the 4Ps. He also promise livelihood to the widowed wife and educational assistance to the children of the soldiers.

“I share my grief not only to the fallen soldiers,  everybody who died. My condolences. We want to end this war. I don’t want to continue even for a day,” Duterte said in his closing remarks.

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