Watch: President Duterte slams Media who spin stories “I didn’t say Pu*****mo Obama”

President Rodrigo Duterte  slams local and international media who spin stories and tell lies.


During his speech in front of Filipino community in Indonesia, President Duterte said that press can spin everything and tell lies. He also clarifies that his ‘cursing’ is not directed to Obama.

“The media can spin stories several times over and all lies. I never confronted Obama,” said President Duterte.

He explained that the state department tells him that Obama might asked him about human rights problem.

“What I said is “I do not answer to anybody except for the Filipino people,” if somebody brings it out, it would be an act of  disrespect, that’s what I only said,” Duterte told the audience.

“I didn’t say Pu******mo Obama. I did say something but it’s not in relation to Obama. You can review the tapes,” he added.

Watch on the video below.

President Duterte made headline in local and international news outlets for allegedly calling US President Obama a “son of a w###.”

The controversial statement was blown out of proportion that prompted Obama to reschedule the bilateral talks between US and Philippines.

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