Watch: DDS Edgar Matobato says Duterte ordered to ambush De Lima

Edgar Matobato, who claims to be a Davao Death Squad member,  said that Duterte ordered to ambush De Lima in 2009.

During the inquiry about extrajudicial killings on Thursday, senate witness Edgar Matobato claimed that Rodrigo Duterte ordered to kill Leila de Lima in 2009 when they are searching for the mass grave of DDS victims.

“When you dug up the quarry, we waited for you. You went up, we were in ambush position,” said Matobato.

When asked who ordered to ambush De Lima’s group, Matobato said “it’s Mayor Duterte.”

Edgar Matobato said they failed to kill De Lima because the group did not reach the ambush spot.

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Photo: ABS-CBN News

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