Watch: President Duterte gave tough answer to ‘death squad’ rumor asked by UK journalist

President Rodrigo Duterte gave a tough answer to a UK journalist who is asking him about the alleged death squad in the Philippines.

During a brief media conference on Sunday, Jonathan Miller asked President Duterte about the rumors of unleashing a national death squad to kill the criminals without facing any legal processes.

“The number of people being killed in the Philippines has risen since you came into power… They are accusing you of unleashing a national death squad, where is this gonna end?” Miller asked.

“In the distant past, no police will ever work and risk their lives,” President Duterte answered.

“It was a practice before that’s why I said I take full responsibility, because they are now encourage and brave enough to have shoot off. The standard practice in this system of government is that when you accuse him, they would always file a counter charge,” he said.

“Remember in this country, no lawyer is provided for the policemen when they get into trouble with the law. They were left behind.”

“When I was a mayor, I told them go ahead, do you your duty. But if you feel that you’re in carrying out your duty, you will get killed. My God, shoot him first.”

President also noted the statistics of drug users in the country, which he estimated for about 3M.

“It is not even epidemic, it is pandemic,” he said.

He also mentioned the iconic Syrian boy named Omran who was rescued in recent bombings in Syria.

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