Watch: President Duterte to send disabled soldiers to school for call center jobs

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte plans to send disabled soldiers back to school to study and prepare for a call center job.

President Duterte to send disabled soldiers to school video

During his speech at 3rd Infantry Division headquarters in Jamindan, Capiz on Friday, President Duterte said that he is planning send injured soldiers back to school to take AB so they can apply for call center jobs.

“To all soldiers who’s in wheelchair, start, because I’ll send you to school,” said President Duterte.

 “Take up AB, learn english, voice and diction and improve your grammar. I will gave you a call center job,” he added.

Watch on the video below.

Meanwhile, President Duterte promises to rehabilitate the AFP Medical Center as soon as possible. The rehabilitation includes repairing of main building, improving air conditioning and ventilation, additional medical equipment and resources.

The President went emotional during his visit after meeting a soldier blinded by a shrapnel during an operation in Maguindanao. He promises to extend his support and he will not abandon him.

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