Watch: President Duterte says he has evidence against De Lima

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said that he has evidence to support his allegations against Senator Leila De Lima.

President Duterte evidence against De Lima

In a quick media interview on Thursday, President Duterte said he has evidence to back his claims versus Senator Leila De Lima.

“Yes, I have. I already have, but killing me softly,” said President Duterte.

“She can have all the time in the world. You all want to know the truth? Go to justice department and human rights and validate it, then go back to me if I was lying,” he said.

When asked about De Lima’s appeal of sparing her family, the president answered:

“What spare the family? She created the scandal, she knows she’s a public official. It’s a disgrace in human rights and justice department. If you are in public office, your life is an open book.”

Watch on the video below.

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