Watch: Leila De Lima full statement on President Duterte’s personal attack

Senator Leila De Lima holds a press conference on Thursday to address the allegations thrown at her by President Rodrigo Duterte — calling her ‘immoral woman and accusing her of having a ‘driver and lover.’

Leila De Lima full statement on President Duterte personal attack video

“Words cannot express what I am feeling right now. I guess no one can because no one has ver been attacked in such a manner by no less than the highest official of the land until now,” emotional De Lima said.

“This is no less than abuse and misuse of executive power. I don’t think the Constitution has ever contemplated such abuse of power on such scale, as it assumes every President to conduct himself in a manner befitting the office he holds. It seems that this is not the case for this President,” she added.

De Lima said that she will stop the investigations about the summary executions to stop the personal attacks on her.

The senator also pointed that she wanted an equal fight. She also appeal to spare her colleges, friends and family in destroying her.

At the end of her speech, De lima said: “I have always been loyal to my oath as a public servant. I am not the enemy here, stop portraying me as one. I asked the nation to continue praying with me, for me, for the President and for the country.”

Watch De Lima’s full speech on the video replay below.

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