General Acosta cries over President Duterte’s care to wounded soldiers

AFP Medical Center Commander Joseph Acosta went in tears after witnessing President Duterte’s care to wounded soldiers.

General Acosta cries over President Duterte care to wounded soldiers video

General Joseph Acosta could not hold his tears during an interview with CNN about the recent visit of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte at the AFP Medical Center on Tuesday.

Acosta praises the president for expressing his full support to government armed forces and taking time to talked to wounded soldiers whom he described overwhelming and emotional.

“At this time, this is what we need. He comes in the most perfect time,” Acosta said before shedding tears in his eyes. “Lord gave him to us,” he added.

Watch on the video below.

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Meanwhile, President Duterte promises to rehabilitate the AFP Medical Center without delay. The rehabilitation includes repairing of main building, improving air conditioning and ventilation, additional medical equipment and resources.

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