President Duterte slams mayors, governors over garbage problems

President Rodrigo Duterte slams mayors and governors over garbage problems in the Philippines.

On Friday, President Duterte express his disappointments to local officials including mayors and governors who are not doing their jobs in keeping their cities clean.

“The Philippines is so dirty, the mayors are not doing anything,” said President Duterte.

“There is trash and garbage around and yet we have to wait for the plastic to enter the drainage so every time there’s a downpour, excessive rain, water, there is clogging,” he adds.

Duterte also said that he will create a team that will review how local officials used their funds.

“I will create a special team. I will also review your intelligence funds. These are funds that you can easily pocket,” he said.

“Those mayors who are not performing, you make your city clean and peaceful. That is why you are being paid, that is why you are in your beautiful offices. Have you no shame?” he added.


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