Watch: Duterte phone calls VP Robredo in front of reporters to offer HUDCC Chair position

President Rodrigo Duterde appoints VP Leni Robredo via phone call as HUDCC Chair on Thursday, July 7, 2016.

Duterte phone calls VP Robredo in front of reporters

President Rodrigo Duterte makes the offer for Leni Robredo to become housing chief through a phone call on Friday. The call was made by the president to end the never-ending question about a cabinet post for Robredo.

When asked if what is his plan for Leni, Duterte made a phone call and asked the vice president in front of Malacanang press to accept the position as HUDCC Chair.

“Can you be the housing secretary? Will you accept it?” Duterte asked. The Vice president responds “Yes.”

“So that will be on time with the next Cabinet meeting, and even on security matters, para you’d be kept abreast of what is happening to our country. Just for you to know,” Duterte said before the end of the conversation.

Watch on the video below.

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