Watch: Kiko Matos sprays pee at Baron Geisler during URCC weigh-in

Kiko Matos has sprayed Baron Geisler his urine during their weigh-in for Saturday URCC match.

Kiko Matos sprays pee at Baron Geisler

In a video posted online, Kiko Matos and Baron Geisler are seen stepping into the scale for their much-awaited bout on Saturday.

A part of the video shows Matos spraying something at Geisler while posing for the weigh in. It was later revealed that the spray bottle contains Kiko’s urine.

In an interview with Rappler, Matos said that he sprayed his pee at Baron as his response to the unwanted kiss he received from the actor during their contract signing.

Kiko Matos also clarified to Rappler that their URCC match is not fake and not related to any publicity stunt.

Baron Geisler vs Kiko Matos URCC fight will be held at Valkyrie in Taguig City in June 25, 2016. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

Where to watch Baron Geisler vs Kiko Matos URCC fight?

The match is expected to get a coverage from local media. No announcement yet about the availability of live streaming channel online. Follow our page on Facebook and Twitter for more details and announcements.

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