Look: President Rodrigo Duterte eating in Carinderia

Photos of president-elect Rodrigo Duterte eating breakfast at a carinderia in Davao City is making rounds online.

Rodrigo Duterte eating in Carinderia

In the said photos, Duterte can be seen picking his order from a Filipino style eatery called “carinderia” in Davao City. The photos was taken by certain Lyka Mae Pareja on June 9 and uploaded it on Facebook.

“He’s so simple and approachable that you cant believe he is the president of the Philippines,” Lyka wrote on the photo description.

Check out the photos below.

Rodrigo Duterte eating in Carinderia 2Rodrigo Duterte eating in Carinderia 1Rodrigo Duterte eating in Carinderia 3

duterte carinderia

The photos has now more than 400 shares with more than 200 likes on Facebook as of this writing.

Update: According to the owner of the eatery, Duterte’s favorite foods from her store are sautéed monggo beans, gizzard and pork adobo, pansit, and fish stewed in vinegar.

Any guess what he ordered for breakfast? What can you say about the new President of the Philippines? Share your thoughts on the discussion box below.

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