Rodrigo Duterte lashed out journalists, dares to boycott him

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte lashes out journalists and dared to boycott covering him during a press conference in Davao City on Thursday, June 2, 2016.

rodrigo duterte vs journalists

In response to recent “journalist killings” issue, Rodrigo Duterte lashed out media on Thursday saying that “journalists think too much of themselves.”

“Kill journalism in this country. Stop journalism in this country, if you are worth your salt. If not, then I will think lowly of you… that you are like cowards,” Duterte told media.

“I was saying, you id*#@, do not threaten me. I said I’m ready to lose the presidency, my honor or my life. Just do not f*#@ with me,” he said.

Duterte urging media to boycott him.

“Do media boycott. I’m urging you. Make this trip your last in Davao City. I do not care if no one is covering me,” said Duterte.

“I’m telling the networks, do not come here. I do not need you. I would ask the cabinet to avoid you,” he said.

Rodrigo Duterte draws flak over the weekend after making harsh statements about journalist killings. He said that he will “not issue any apology” and “it’s better to tell the truth and agree on the truth rather than play bul*#@ with journalism.”

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