Watch: Rodrigo Duterte grand rally ‘Miting de Avance’ at Luneta Live

Rodrigo Duterte, Alan  Peter Cayetano and the whole PDP party is holding its grand rally ‘miting de avance’ at the Luneta Park today, Saturday, May 7, 2016.

duterte grand rally

The last and final leg of PDP party is holding its grand rally at the Quirino grandstand in Luneta Park today.

The political event will begin at 5pm featuring performances from Cesar Montano, South Borader, Mocah Girls and more.

Rodrigo Duterte and Alan  Peter Cayetano is also expected to deliver their final message to their supporters before the May 9 election.

Where to watch Rodrigo Duterte’s grand rally ‘miting de avance?’

Rodrigo Duterte and Alan  Peter Cayetano grand rally is available to watch at Rappler’s official Live Streaming channel on YouTube online. Full replay video will be added after the event, watch below!

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