Watch: Binay calls Duterte ‘Abnormal’ and ‘Sira-ulo’

Jojo Binay slams fellow presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte anew, calling the Davao City mayor ‘abnormal’ and ‘sira-ulo.’

binay calls duterte abnormal sira ulo

In an interview with TV Patrol, Jojo Binay said Rodrigo Duterte is an abnormal with psychological disorder.

“He is really abnormal, it’s not a joke,” said Binay. “Joke is not in his system, it is true, comes from the heart. It’s getting obvious that it is a mental case,” he added.

“He is already diagnosed with antisocial narcissist and psychological disorder, no need to submit for a test. And this is not an allegation, it was part of the decision that he is mentally sick,” he further explained.

Watch on the video below.

The criticisms came after Duterte’s latest joke about a disabled senior citizen and rants against USA and Australia.

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