Grace Poe, Mar Roxas, Jejomar Binay slams Rodrigo Duterte over rape joke

A video of presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte joking about an Australian rape victim draws flak online.

duterte rape joke video

Netizens and other presidential rivals including Jojo Binay, Grace Poe and Mar Roxas have reacted to Rodrigo Duterte’s joke about rape in a viral video posted on social media.

In the said viral video, Rodrigo Duterte was filmed joking about an Australian rape victim.

“All the women were raped so during the first assault, because they retreated, the bodies they used as a cover, one of them was the corpse of the Australian woman layminister. Tsk, this is a problem. When the bodies were brought out, they were wrapped. I looked at her face, son of a bitch, she looks like a beautiful American actress. Son of a bitch, what a waste. What came to mind was, they raped her, they lined up. I was angry because she was raped, that’s one thing. But she was so beautiful, the mayor should have been first. What a waste,Duterte said.

Watch Duterte’s rape joke video below.

According to netizens, Duterte have gone too far saying that the presidential election frontrunner just show his disrespect for women.

“Mayor Duterte, that is not a joke. That is offensive. The Filipinos don’t want you to be president, even your tough stance of crime that won the hearts and minds of Filipinos,” commenter John Christian Ambion said.

Here’s what Jojo Binay, Grace Poe and Mar Roxas have to say about Rodrigo Duterte’s rape joke.

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binay duterte rape

mar roxas duterte rape

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