Netizens criticize Duterte for cursing Pope Francis

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte came under fire after cursing Pope Francis during his speech at the Century Park hotel on Monday.

Duterte curse Pope Francis video

During his speech, Duterte revealed that he was angered over the bad traffic situation in Metro Manila during the Papal Visit last January.

“From the hotel to the airport, alam mo bang inabot kami ng limang oras. Sabi ko bakit? Sabi pinasarado daw. Gusto kong tawagan, Pope put****** ka umuwi ka na. Wag ka nang bumisita dito,” Duterte said.

While it’s merely a joke, his lines doesn’t sit well with netizens. On social media, people express their anger saying his joke was foul and disrespectful.

Watch Duterte cursing Pope Francis on the video below.

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