PLDT Customer Service vs PLDT Subscriber in Viral Audio

An audio recording involving a PLDT customer service agent and one of its subscribers having an argument is making rounds online.

In the said audio recording, a PLDT subscriber identified as Raul is complaining about the Internet connectivity on his line.

Raul said he couldn’t connect for two days and yet he still need to pay for the service even if he cannot use the Internet.

The customer agent, identified as Cathy, explained that there is a trouble and the system is not available in Raul’s area.

Cathy also suggests that she would make a report for Raul to apply for a rebate once the system is up.

However, Raul insists that he needed the service for him to be able to contact a person in the United States to provide his itinerary as soon as possible.

At 2:50 mark of the recording, the conversation has gone “Beast Mode” after Raul accidentally uttered a word that causes Cathy to lose temper.

Listen below.


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