Julia Buencamino’s alleged ‘last message’ on Tumblr went viral

An allege last message ‘suicide note’ of Oh My G actress Julia Buencamino is making rounds online.

Gossip site Fashion Pulis broke the news Sunday morning after publishing the screenshots of Julia Buencamino’s alleged suicide note, which is said to be “a queued post on her Tumblr account.”

The said Tumblr post containing Julia’s last message has been deleted according to the site.

While the Buencamino family appeal to the public to respect their privacy, netizens also asked Fashion Pulis to take down their post and urged netizens to stop sharing and spreading Julia’s alleged last message on social media.


Julia Buencamino is the daughter of character actors Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino. The 15-year-old actress was found dead inside their house in Quezon City on Tuesday. She apparently committed suicide.

Julia is known for her role Bestie Aimee on ABS-CBN morning series ‘Oh My G!’

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Note: Zeibiz team opted not to detail the content of the Tumblr post in respect to the Buencamino’s privacy request.

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