Vhong Navarro CCTV Footage Viral Video is Fake

vhong navarro beaten cctv footage

Vhong Navarro’s CCTV Footage circulating online is FAKE!

A fake CCTV Video of Vhong Navarro’s incident at The Fort is spreading like a wildfire on social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

Some scammers and spammers are using this issue “to steal your personal info or to promote products.”

Netizen are advised not to click or open the video link (along with the same image above) appearing on Facebook news feeds. The footage is fake!

The video used is a CCTV of a Brazilian fashion designer’s shop being robbed and not the attacking incident of Vhong Navarro at The Fort on Wednesday, January 22.

No official CCTV Footage has been released at this moment. Details of the said incident are yet to be clarify by the authority anytime soon.

Shocking Photos of Vhong Navarro after being mauled at The Fort

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