Vhong Navarro CCTV Footage Matches His Statement

Vhong-Navarro-Real-CCTV-VideoThe NBI or National Bureau of Investigation has obtained the Vhong Navarro incident CCTV footage.

In a report of TV Patrol, who first released images from the real CCTV footage inside the condominium — Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo and five other men were seen in the footage together with Vhong Navarro.

Three copies of the video were now in the custody of NBI. The videos are shots from the entrance, elevator and the lobby.

According to the report of Zyann Ambrosio, the video matches the statement of Vhong Navarro. Here’s the detailed report:

10:38pm – Pumasok si Vhong sa lobby ng condo.
10:39pm – Nasa elevator si Vhong paakyat sa second floor.
10:40pm – Lumabas si Deniece Cornejo ng condo.
10:41pm – Pumasok si Cedric Lee ng condo.
10:43pm – Pumasok ang mga lalaking diumano’y kasabwat ni Cedric.

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