Rose Fostanes sings ‘Beautiful’ on The X Factor Israel Top 12

Rose Fostanes X Factor Israel

Rose Fostanes wows the X Factor Israel judges with her version of Cristina Aguilera’s Beautiful!

Filipina caregiver Rose “Osang” Fostanes performed again on The X Factor Israel on Wednesday, December 18. Fostanes earned standing ovation from the judges after her performance during the Top 12 Live Show of the X Factor Israel series.

Here’s what the judges have to say about her performance.

Judge Moshe Peretz said Fontanes’ performance “perfect,” which was echoed by her mentor Shiri Maimon. “You are beautiful. I love you,” said Israeli rock singer Rami Fortis.

“You are probably the best singer in the competition. But Shiri, there’s a problem; you just wasted your final song for the finals. It’s a perfect, perfect song,” said pop star Ivri Lider.

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