Stephen Colbert Mocks China for Donating $100K to Haiyan Victims – Video

Stephen Colbert Mocks China donation to philippinesStephen Colbert pledge to out-donate China’s $100K donation to the Philippines!

Stephen Colbert calls to support and fund raise for the victims of Haiyan in the Philippines during Thursday’s episode of “The Colbert Report.” What makes sense to his campaign is his contest to out-donate China’s $100K donation.

“Seriously, the nation of China pledged only $100,000? I bet the Colbert nation can give more than that. You know what folks, nation, let’s do it,” Colbert said.

“Let’s out-donate China! Let’s kick China’s a** at being compassionate because we’re a brotherhood of men, you stingy jer**!,” he added.

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On Saturday, Colbert announced that they’ve already amassed over $100,000, beating China’s pledge.

China initially donates $100K to the victims of typhoon Hiayan in the Philippines and step it up to $1.6 million after various media agencies called the tiny donation “insulting.” But even if with the new amount, the donation is still dwarfed by other nations.

China and Philippines have long history of territorial conflict over few islands in the South China Sea.

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