Jax Cote Apologizes for Racist Comments about Filipinos during Typhoon Yolanda

jax coteCanadian teacher Jax Cote allegedly apologized for her racist comments to Filipinos at the height of super typhoon “Yolanda” on Friday.

Following her negative remarks, an apology letter from the now famed public enemy Jax Cote is making rounds online.

The apology message was posted on the second alleged Jax Cote FB account which is created to defend the original Jax Cote.

“I would like to issue an apology those affected by the tragedy in the Philippines. I made a ignorant, racist comment because I had a bad experience with a Filipino family in recent months. The comment I made was not meant to be directed at Filipinos in general. In no way, shape or form is that an excuse for the nasty remark, I am sincerely sorry to those affected by this horrific ordeal. Sincerely,  Jax Cote.”


The viral story started November 8, 2013 when Jax Cote attacked Filipinos online with her racist comments regarding Super Typhoon Yolanda.

“So this means the world is getting rid a whole whack of Phillipino’s about time God cleaned house,” Jax Cote wrote, who listed her occupation as a private elementary teacher and who claimed to have studied at Trent University.

Could she be a totally different person or the best price generic cialis same person? What can you say about this story?

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