Pepsi flavored Cheetos now available in Japan

Pepsi-flavored-CheetosPepsi flavored Cheetos now sold in Japan!

Talking about bizarre foods, Japan has a new junk food that might raise your eyebrowse, the new Pepsi flavored Cheetos.

Pepsi and Cheetos in a pack could be a new thing, but putting junk to another junk… that might pose a lot of health risk.

The Pepsi flavored snacks released by Frito Lay Cheetos are basically a regular Cheetos covered in cola powder. They are produced out of corn and they give you a ‘popping and crackling’ soda-like fizzy sensation.

How does it taste? The Cheetos have a strong citrus taste and a “flat cola” aroma. In addition, the new Cheetos flavor has the smell of cinnamon donuts.

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