Windows vs. iPad: Windows 8 Tablet commercials mocks Apple’s iPad using Siri


“An iPad just can’t do all of that,” says Microsoft.

Did Microsoft go too far in mocking Apple’s iPad? If you haven’t seen the latest commercials of Microsoft for Windows 8 Tablet, watch the videos below!

Microsoft has a series of commercials for Windows 8 tablets that compares two devices – Asus Tablet vs. iPad; Dell Tablet vs. iPad – in terms of pricing and capabilities. What makes the ads catchy is Microsoft uses Siri’s voice to mock the iPad.

The ad appears to frame Windows 8 tablets as more capable for productivity and more valuable for the price.

Microsoft even got a comparison site that features four of their tablet devices including ASUS VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS 10, HP ENVY x2 and Microsoft Surface RT.

Below are the Windows 8 Tablet TV commercials.

As read on Microsoft’s website:

iPad vs. Windows: Get the best of work and play with a Windows tablet. Play games, watch your favorite movies, read, and catch up with family and friends. Plus you can get stuff done with Office, do two things at once side-by-side, and access your files anywhere. An iPad just can’t do all of that.

What can you say about these ads? Will you buy Windows 8 tablet or get an iPad instead?

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