Shaq loses to 2-year-old Titus on Jimmy Kimmel Live shooting contest

shaq-2-year-oldTitus, a 2-year-old toddler beats Shaq in a free throw shooting on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

2-year-old boy named Titus Ashby square off Shaquille O’Neal in a shooting contest “Clash of the Titus” during Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday. The showdown gave each shooter 30 seconds to score as many baskets as they could.

And the results, Titus managed to basket eight successful shots, while the O’Neal scored absolutely none.
The 2-year-old boy became a YouTube sensation after a video of him doing “basketball trick shots” went viral. It’s his second appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live — his first appearance was a square off with show host Jimmy.

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