Invisibility cloak: Researchers have created time cloaking device

invisibility-cloakResearchers at Purdue University have created invisibility cloak!

Sounds cool! Being used many times in sci-fi film and in movies like Harry Potter, invisibility cloak have come to reality as reports said that researchers at Purdue University have created a device that uses time to make things disappear.

Andrew M. Weiner, professor at Purdue University, told reporters: ”In scientific research terms that is a spatial cloak. What we’ve done involves time cloaking.”

Joseph Lukens, a Ph.D candidate in electrical engineering, co-published his findings in the June issue of Nature added that they hope to be able to cloak both time and space in the future because doing so would allow them to “create entire spaces where things can go undetected.”

“Time cloaking is relatively new. It’s based on the idea that there are places in time where if something were to happen it wouldn’t be picked up, so no one can tell that it has occurred,” Lukens explained. Read the full report at ABC News

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