911 human error blamed in Ariel Russo’s death

911-human-errorA 4-minute delay in response from medical team to the accident scene, where a 4-year-old girl was hit by a SUV and died, has been linked to 911 human error.

New York City Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano told ABC News, “It wasn’t picked up by the person that should have been reading that screen.”

“The person responsible for reading that screen did not read that screen,” he said. “Somebody made a mistake, and we are looking into it.”

“I don’t know if that four minutes would have made any difference,” Cassano said.

Ariel Russo, who was hit by a vehicle on the Upper West Side in Manhattan have sustained massive injuries and died. Eye-witness close to the accident said she was still alive when the ambulance arrived.

The new 911 system has reportedly had multiple issues recently, including four break downs last week.

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